1. Click the Leaders menu on the left hand side
  2. Click the Actions... from the pull down menu and select Invite Leader
  3. Select the person to invite as a leader by
    1. Email: Enter a personal email address (shared leadership emails are not accepted ex. [email protected]) OR
    2. Name: Type a few letters of the persons' name to select from existing members of your association. If the user you are trying to add is already a leader, you will not be able to add them. 
  4. Select the Leadership Position this person currently holds from the drop-down
  5. Click the Send Invite button
  6. If an existing user has the incorrect position, you are able to edit their position by clicking on the pencil under their name, choosing their position and clicking on save.
  7. If you would like to Re-Invite a leader that has been invited already and not accepted their invite, please click on Re-invite to the right of the leaders name.  Next, a green pop up will appear that will say "leader has been re-invited successfully"
  •  The new leader will receive an invite by email.  Once they click the link in the email and login to the site, they will have the opportunity to Accept or Decline the invite.

  8. As an outgoing leader, a best practice would be to accept the invitation and invite the new incoming user to the platform.