From the Leaders menu, you can view all the invited, active and in-active leaders for your association. 


  • Filters - click the Filter input to filter the list
    • Filter by status: Active, In-active, Invited and De-activated
  • Changes - requires appropriate permissions
    • Leadership Position: Click on the pencil next to their existing position and choose a new one from the dropdown
    • Display on Profile: Click the toggle to change which leaders members are able to see on the Leaders List panel of their Membership view
  • Leader Actions
    • Invite - sends (or re-sends) the user an email invitation to accept their leadership position in order to access the Leader Dashboard for your association
    • De-activate - removes this user from the list of people who can access the leader Dashboard
  • Actions - the Actions pulldown menu on the right
    • Invite Leaders...
    • Export Leader List. The Export will include: ID, Association Legal Name, Association Common Name, User Name, Position, Status, User Email, User Phone and User Address.