As a leader, you are unable to turn auto renew on/off for the members in your organization, but you can turn the donation feature on/off for your entire organization under settings.

1. Login

2. Go to settings in your menu

3. Click on [Profile]

4. Under Donations tab

5. There is a toggle between yes or no for Allow Donations


1. Enable/Disable Auto-renew when joining an association
2. Enable/Disable Auto-renew from your Membership page

Once you click on the join now link, you will go through the process of purchasing a membership

As a member, you will have the option of toggling between yes/no for auto renew

Once you have purchased a membership, you can go login to your dashboard and update your auto renew

                - Click on [View Membership Details]

                - Toggle between on/off for auto renew

On July 1, TOTEM will email you with a link to purchase your membership.

** TOTEM does not auto charge your credit card at this time, TOTEM has it planned for the future.**