Click on the join now link and go through the purchase a membership interface


  1. Choose membership type

Every membership can include their student’s teacher and grade easily. This new feature will support classroom and grade level membership challenges. Each student has a dedicated field for their grade and teacher. No need to update the Teacher list, TOTEM will automagically build it as members join.

     2. Click on Add a Member/Student

3.  Drop down menus will appear, in order for the member to fill out their child’s information

  • Member Name

  • Member type

  • Grade

  • Teacher (Last name only)

4. In your cart, you will see the membership and the student (non-membership)

Associated Members List

Once a member logs in, they will be able to see their associated members (student or non- member).

Members will be able to add a member or student in this location

  • Once a member clicks on Add a Member, the member will be taken through the join flow to purchase a membership

  • Once a member clicks on Add a Student, a pop up will appear to add a student (non - member)