Member Pre-registration is an optional feature for associations.  Please contact TOTEM Support if you would like it activated.

Pre-registration for New Members

New members who join your association between within 90 days of the end of your fiscal year will be given the option to join for the current year, or Pre-register for the next year. This will be the first question they are asked in the Join PTA signup flow which you can see below.

When members select 'Next Year', they will be charged and payment will be remitted now.  However, the effective date of their membership will not begin until July 1, so they will get a full year of membership benefits (as most people would expect if joining at this point in the year).

Pre-registration Tracking for Leaders

For accounting purposes, members are counted when they pay, so Pre-registered members will be accounted for, and payment remitted at the time the signup.  For the purposes of membership goals, members will be tracked in the year they requested when they signed up.  The membership tracking chart will show a marker for any pre-registered members at the left of the chart.  At the beginning of your fiscal year, all the Pre-registered members will immediately become active.