1.Invite your Leaders to TOTEM

  • Click the Leaders menu on the left hand side
  • Click the Actions... from the pull down menu and select Invite Leader
  • How to Invite Leaders

     2.Upload your past year membership list

  • Download your past year member list from MemberHub(first name, last name and email in a csv file)
  • Submit TOTEM a ticket and attach the member list: https://help.jointotem.com/support/tickets/new 
  • You will be able to email all your past members through the Message Center in TOTEM 

    3. Customize your Association Branding

    4. Email your CSV file of current (active) members from Member Hub to TOTEM.Please follow all the steps below: 


  • Please export a CSV file with the following required columns: Joined At, First Name, Last Name, Email, Member Type, Year, Price Paid. Optional columns include Mobile, Student Name, Student Grade, Student Teacher.
  •  Disclaimer : All emails provided must be VALID EMAIL ADDRESSES. Importing fake email addresses is a violation of our Terms of Service and can damage your ability to send email via TOTEM. We only require valid email addresses for the primary member. Remove any invalid emails from the list before importing. 
    • Every member may not be grouped into the correct household/parent account if the importer cannot determine the relationships based on the data you provide. For example, students with different last names than their parents. In this case, each member may be it's own Member account rather than having a parent account.
    • It may not import provided metadata. For example, if columns headings do not match the column headings in the template we provided.
    • If you need full control over the metadata and grouping for each member - leaders should manually register members rather than using the bulk import feature.
    • TOTEM cannot provide support to correct data that is mis-entered during import. Data correction is the responsibility of leaders - or the members themselves once they confirm their TOTEM account.
    • TOTEM Will provide you with a list of all rows that cannot be imported for some reason. It is your responsibility to manually register those members after the import is complete.
    • You should only use this feature ONE TIME, when you are first building the TOTEM account for your association. If you have multiple lists, please merge them before importing.
    And our "smart" grouping mechanism is:
    Regarding how individuals are associated, we look at the combination of a couple different things: 
    1. Paid at window -- members will only be grouped if their payment's occurred within a certain time window relative to each other. By default, this is 5 minutes. 2. Last Name and / or student name -- for members within the same payment window, if their last name matches OR they have matching student names, they are grouped together. 
  •  If you don't like the grouping we infer, you can turn grouping off altogether and just import them row by row. In this case, all members will be imported as primary members, and so unless they are a student, they will require an email.