In October 2020, we introduced Payout Reconciliations. This data export provides a list of all the transactions, credits and debits contributing to the amount of a payout to your bank.

Payouts happen automatically near the end of the month, but knowing which transactions are included in the payout is influenced by when the transaction happens, when the payout is processed, as well as when transactions have been 'cleared' by the payment processor.  While payments are processed instantaneously, the payment processor does not clear them for deposit for about 24h after they are received.  All of these factors mean that a payment on the 24th of the month may not be included in a payout on the 25th.

The Payout Reconciliation resolves any confusion and gives you a list of all transactions, including memberships, donations and refunds contributing to a payout.

Payout Reconciliations are available to associations and parent associations.

How to Access Payout Transaction Details via the Reconciliation Report

  • Click on Reports..Payouts
    For each payout there is a link to the right under the Reconciliation column.

  • Click the [Download] link for the payout you which to review
    The file dialog will popup to save the report as a local CSV file.

  • Find a folder and click 'Save' or 'OK' to save the file.

  • Open or import the file using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to review

  • Click the cell above Amount to quickly see the sum of all the amounts.

Reconciliation Report Columns

The Payout Reconciliation report includes:

  1. Date - the date the payment was processed
  2. Pays For - indicates the type of transaction, ie [membership, donation, refund]
  3. Name - the user who made the payment
  4. Memo - for memberships includes the name of the membership that was purchased
  5. Amount - payment amount for that item.  May be negative for refunds. 

In most spreadsheet software include Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, you can select multiple cells or entire columns to quickly see the Sum of values in that selection.  To see the sum of the Amount column, click the cell above the Amount column name and glance at the bottom status bar for the value: