If you have a new checking account and need to connect the new account for deposits from TOTEM memberships and donations, you can do so through the Banking Settings view. 

NOTE: You MUST be the Bank Account Owner to complete this process.

  1. Login to the TOTEM Dashboard for your association
  2. Click Settings..Banking
  3. Click [View Stripe Dashboard]
  4. From inside the Stripe Dashboard, click Settings..Bank Accounts
  5. click 'Edit' next to the bank account and enter the new Bank Account information.
  6. After you have completed this step, please have another officer (President or Treasurer) login to TOTEM to verify the last 4 digits of the bank account from the Settings..Banking view.

Q: How can I find out who is the Bank Account Owner for our association?

  1. Click Settings..Banking
  2. Under the Active Account see who is listed as '[Leader] connected this account on [date]'

The leader mentioned is the Bank Account Owner.

Q: The Bank Account Owner is no longer available, how can we change the Bank Account Owner?

Read this: FAQ: How to change the Bank Account Owner