The Message Center Content Editor allows you create email campaigns with rich content including HTML, images, buttons and text.  The editor is designed to ensure that your email campaigns are easy-to-read on mobile devices as well as desktop email clients.  

Editor Organization

The Content Editor is split into two panels.  

On the left is your email content.  It is displayed almost exactly as it will appear in the final email. To edit any section, click on that section to select it, then click again to edit text, or use the properties panel on the right to change the section settings. 

On the right is the Tools & Settings panel.  When no content in the editor is selected, it will display Tools.  You can drag-and-drop any of these tools directly into the left panel to add them to your email.  When you select an element in the editor, the right panel will display settings for that element.  For example, if you click to select an image in your content, you will be able to adjust its alignment, border and size.

Available Tools 

  • Columns - You can add columns to help organize your message into logical groups.  Each column object can be a single column, or be separated in multiple columns.  For example, you may add a column and have a select to divide it into 2/3 then 1/3.  You might then put text in the left side and an image on the right side.

  • Button - Use buttons for important calls to action in your messages.
  • Image - Use images to add visual appeal to your messages.

  • Text - Your main message content will be inside of Text elements.  Use multiple Text elements for each section of your message.

  • Divider - Use a divider to create a visual break in a long message.

  • HTML - Use an HTML element if you want to customize a specific element display, beyond the text formatting available in the Text editor.

Using Specific Tools

Adding Columns

Columns are used when you want to break out the text from images.

  1. From the right hand side - drag the column section into the body of the email
  2. You can choose to break it up 1 to 1 or by half or by 3's etc

       3, Click on a column you would like to use

4. If you want to add text on the left and an image on the right. Click on add content and click on the TEXT icon from the box on the right and drop it into the where

    you want the text to go

5. If you want to add an image to right hand side, please click on Drag content Here. Click on add content. Drag and drop the image icon from the right hand side 

    box where you want the image to go in your email.

6. Where you dropped the image icon, click on the grey area and it will take you to a locate file or add url for image

7. Add in your text to the left of the image.

Adding Buttons

If you would like to add customized button to your email that when you click on the button it will take the user to another site. For ex, if you would like to take 

a user in your email directly to purchase a TOTEM membership

  1. Drag the Button icon from the right hand side and drop it into your email where you want the button placed. A Button Text will appear. You can update the Button Text with any text

           you would like.

      2. Add the text in 

      3. Add the URL in for where you want the user to be directed to

      4. Click on Preview In Browser

      5. You will be able to see the button you created and once you hover over the button you can see the URL ( in the bottom left hand corner)

Adding an Image

  1. From the right hand side - drag and drop the image section into the body 

        2. Click on the image text in the body and an editing tool will appear. You can choose an image from your desktop or enter a URL of an image

            3. Click on the X in the upper right hand corner to exit out of the image editor.

Adding Text

  1. Drag and drop the text section into your email body
  2. Start typing your text into the body of the email
  3. You can add links by pasting the link and clicking on the insert/edit link (highlighted in yellow )

        4.Enter in the URL and what you want to name your URL in the email