Q: My account is restricted, what do we do?

To complete this step, you must be the leader who connected the bank account on TOTEM.  To identify which leader connected the account:

  1. Login into your association on the TOTEM Dashboard
  2. Click Settings..Banking
  3. Under the "Active Account", you will see '[Leader Name] connect the account on [date]'
  4. Contact this leader to have them complete the next step

To provide additional account details: 

  1. Login into your association on the TOTEM Dashboard
  2. Click Settings..Banking
  3. Click on [View Stripe Dashboard] and provide the additional information that Stripe requests.

If you do not see the [View Stripe Dashboard] button, then contact the leader who originally connected the bank account. (See above)

Q: What does it mean when my account is 'restricted?

Your bank account can become 'restricted' if the account owner (the leader who connected the account) has not responded to multiple requests to provide additional information about the account by the payment processor Stripe.  A restricted account cannot receive payouts.

Q: How do I know if my account is restricted from receiving payouts?

If your account has a positive Available Balance and your did not receive an automatic payout on the date you expected, then your account may be restricted. 

Q: Why does Stripe require more information like my social security number?

Stripe is required to comply with Federal regulations that direct them to have correct information about the authorized signers on bank accounts, as well as to ensure that these account owners are not flagged in various government databases.  These regulations are referred to more broadly as Know Your Customer (KYC) policies.  Stripe may request additional identity or account verifications details such as:

  • Association address
  • Association EIN (Tax ID)
  • Account Owner Social Security Number
  • Photo ID

You can read more about Stripe's KYC obligations.