The Teacher List is used to provide a list of options for Students and Student Non-Members who register on the system (view this knowledge base article for details on how members can add teachers to Students and Student Non-Members). By default, the Teacher List is automatically populated by users when they register. In other words, the list is the collection of unique teacher names that members input when creating Students and Student Non-Members. Leaders can also specify teachers to include and exclude from this list, giving leaders more control over what teacher options are visible to members.  

The Teacher List editor is under an association's settings in the "Advanced" tab.

The Teacher List advanced setting is composed of two parts: the include / exclude inputs and the teacher select preview.

Include / Exclude Inputs

Leaders can configure specific teachers to be included and / or excluded from the teacher list using the two text inputs. Leaders can manually type teacher names into the input OR past pre-existing lists into the input. It is important to note that these inputs are extremely opinionated and will format the lists on paste as well as before save. This means a few things:

  1. Use only last names. Names separated by spaces will be treated as two separate names. The inputs will allow hyphenated names (ex: Obrien-Schridde), apostrophes in names (ex: O'brien), and names combined with forward slashes (ex: Obrien/Schridde).
  2. The allowed characters are letters (lower and upper case), dashes (i.e. - ), apostrophes (i.e. ) and forward slashes (i.e. ). All other characters will be removed on paste and before save.
  3. The list will be automatically formatted and sorted on paste and before save. This point is a little redundant but is worth another mention. As mentioned in point 2, all characters that aren't supported will be automatically removed. All names that are separated by unsupported characters (i.e. spaces, commas, etc.) will be split into multiple names (ex: TOTEM User would become Totem and User). Lastly, the names will be automatically sorted in alphabetical order.

Also of note is that the custom include and exclude lists must be saved separately.

Teacher Select Preview

The teacher select preview displays a preview of what a member will see when selecting the teacher's name for a new Student or Student Non-Member. After saving changes to the include / exclude list(s), the changes will automatically become visible in the teacher select preview.