What is the difference between and expired member and an archived member?

Once a member is expired, the member will still receive renew notices on July 1 from TOTEM. Also, PTA leaders are able to email expired members out of the TOTEM message center

Once a member is archived, they will not be able to renew their membership, receive a renewal email from TOTEM and also PTA leaders are not able to email archived members from the TOTEM message center.

Archived members are usually for members who have children that have moved to another school and no longer want to receive any notices, emails or reminders from TOTEM.

What is an archived member?

Once a member is marked as archived, they will no longer see their membership in TOTEM to renew and PTA leaders will also not be able to renew the archived member. 

How do I mark a member as archived in TOTEM?

Login to TOTEM--> click on members to your left --> in the search bar, clear it out and type in the members name --> the members profile will show up. To the right, you will see an archive button, please click on it.

How do I unarchive a member?

If you have archived a member by accident or a member has decided to renew that you archived previously, you will need to email into TOTEM. Please supply the members name, email and the school and TOTEM will unarchive the member for you.